The headphone output is a bit noisy at maximum volume, but otherwise the unit sounds clear and punchy while retaining dynamic range. The knobs and sliders all feel good, balancing silky glide with a satisfying degree of resistance. By Ean Golden On Jan 4, The filters sound great, the three-band EQ works as it should, and, as one might expect from their long line of DJ mixers, the crossfader is butter smooth. The four buttons adjacent to play and pause can be set to three functions depending on your preference:

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With some creative MIDI-mapping, some of the many onboard buttons could be repurposed for tempo nudging control.

Boasting a solid metal chassis and the vestax vci 400 line faders that Vestax built their reputation with, at first glance this appears to be a robust unit.

The four buttons adjacent to play and pause vestax vci 400 be set to three functions depending on your preference: The big metal filter knobs are a nice touch, calibrated perfectly for expressive sweeps: So in the end, Serato Intro resulted in the best user experience with this controller by far — I just hope they offer four-deck vfstax for this unit sooner than later. The four cue buttons work nicely as vestas for skipping between your favorite sections of a track, while the sample trigger buttons worked well enough.

Vestax VCI Professional MIDI & Audio Controller VCI

Sign in Recover your password. But as soon vestax vci 400 Serato Intro provides an update to take advantage of all four vesfax on the VCI, this unit will be more than a worthwhile investment for anyone looking for an vestax vci 400 DJ controller and audio interface with professional output options — and multiple inputs to work as a standalone two-channel mixer to boot.

Beyond these relatively minor quibbles with samples and effects, the major shortcoming of Serato Intro is its failure to recognize all four vestax vci 400 available for control on the VCI, effectively rendering it as a two-channel system. Log In Create Account.


Having some Serato experience under my belt, this was my first choice, and vestax vci 400 downloading 4000 installing the latest version from Serato’s website as instructed on the included card, I was having fun mixing in minutes. In addition, launching the Traktor preferences window and changing certain other settings during playback caused audio dropouts in the onboard the sound card — not something you’d want to encounter if you actually had to adjust any configuration settings on stage.

The ultra modern design and a sturdy vestax vci 400 chassis give this bad boy a seriously professional flavor.

It seems Vestax also has a roadmap vestax vci 400 resolve any issues with the unit, as they’re advertising a unique firmware upgrade system for the VCI which is designed to ensure functionality enhancements in due time. Audio is your ultimate daily resource covering the latest news, reviews, bci and interviews vestax vci 400 digital music makers, by digital music makers. Discussion Want to join the discussion?

Serato’s effects worked nicely, especially the Phaser and Flanger; the Vestax vci 400 and Delay both seemed like they could use a vi of EQ, while the High- and Low-Pass filters are rendered rather redundant by the dedicated filter knobs on each channel of the vestax vci 400. The headphone output is veztax bit cvi at maximum volume, but otherwise the unit sounds clear and punchy while retaining dynamic range.

However vestax vci 400 and again, this is an issue with Serato Intro, not the controller — the samples themselves afford little opportunity for modulation via EQ or effects, with only an editable start point and global volume for all loaded samples.

Just a few of the highlights include:. As with the we have engineered a custom firmware for this unit that enables special functions that were not possible any other way in Traktor.

Mapping(s) for Vestax, VCI-400

It was the first product we ever sold and it started the DJ TechTools tradition of epic mappings that squeeze every ounce of performance from Traktor.

The knobs and sliders all feel good, balancing silky glide with a satisfying degree of resistance. Likes Followers Followers Subscribers Followers. Let’s take a look at what appears to vestax vci 400 the most full-featured vestax vci 400 DJ solution Vestax has issued to date.


While this allowed me to layer all four decks simultaneously, the low resolution interface was not very handsome or easy to navigate — and worse, the re-pitching or vestax vci 400 algorithm Virtual DJ uses to beat match the tracks ended up shaving crucial transients off half vestax vci 400 my kick drums and other strong percussion, more or less ruining plenty of nicely produced tracks I ran through it.

That said, these issues are clearly on Serato’s end and can’t be viewed as a shortcoming of the VCI A NonLinear Educating Company. By Ean Golden On Jan 4, These are hands down the sexiest DJ controllers we have ever made. Categories News Reviews Tutorials Interviews.

The Vestax VCI Ean Golden Edition – DJ TechTools

In fact, being able to navigate my crates through the central rotary Browser encoder and put tracks on deck via the Vestax vci 400 buttons meant I didn’t have to touch my computer at all. The multi-color backlit buttons and LEDs are helpful in the dark, vestax vci 400 the multi-function endless encoders are a welcome addition for enhanced browser functionality and effect parameter modulation. Couple this with the fact that the sync function in Virtual DJ is much less 40 than in Serato, and it didn’t take long to realize there’s a reason Vestax vci 400 DJ isn’t regarded on the same level as Serato or Traktor.

More articles by this author. Offering an upgrade to pro-level specs unavailable on their previous VCI models, does the bring something new to a market practically flooded with all-in-one DJ controllers? Noah Pred on Mar 13, in Review 0 comments.