Sandy Bridge Trying out the new method. How often do you write at 12X? For the whole time we are dealing with TEAC products we were never disappointed. When recording discs at different speeds the W58E took the lead. To put it mildly – the graphs are uneven.

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TEAC CD-W58E resources and drivers

All models show even better results than expected. Today we have two new TEAC recorders.

Reading of the scratched disc was also good: This model of the TEAC recorder appeared to call forth a lot of argues.

The results are teac cd w58e proportional to the announced record speeds. Moreover, the CD-W58E drive could be a leader in this niche.

You can save two minutes as compared with the W58E, and more than 20 minutes as compared with the W54E if you work with the rapidest device among the tested ones today and produced by TEAC. Nevertheless, it’s the average results for teac cd w58e most CD-RW drives.

Only some time teac cd w58e the site published official data on it. The rumors on suspension of the CD-W58E have just added fuel to the fire.



Interestingly, that teac cd w58e drive teac cd w58e to lift the speed up to the initial level but then found that teeac 8X suits best. Besides, it supports Burn-Proof technology which will be useful in case you are recording and simultaneously working with applications exacting to resources. The problem is probably in the firmware version. But the first impression is wrong.

When recording discs at different speeds the W58E took the lead. It’s easy to see that the W58E is twice better than the 4x model. The CPU utilization was: Well, copying of the disc at just a little more than 5 minutes is an excellent result! teac cd w58e

TEAC CD-W58E User Manual

Consumed Power, Energy Consumption: If x read speed on CD-RW discs is acceptable you can consider it an insignificant drawback. Different competent people said that the model was taken out of the production due to high percentage of defective articles. First, many teac cd w58e surprised that the most part of the programs can access only KBytes of the buffer while on the site in the user’s manual they say that the buffer’s size is KBytes. To put it mildly – the graphs are uneven.


Nevertheless, they are even in a greater demand due to sharp price drop for CD-RW drives. teac cd w58e

Video 3Digests Video cards: Teac cd w58e of the CD-R Noname 4x. The W58E would suit best. Consumed Power, Energy Consumption: Teac cd w58e recorder is more expensive than its low-speed analog, and offers high speeds which are rare in demand.

Sandy Bridge Trying out the new method. Until the damaged part the drive read the scratched disc right like the golden one, having come to the hard-readable part the drive dropped its speed twice, to 2X.

Secondly, the news disappointed many users since they were going to purchase it. It’s the first time we can see such an even, gradually ascending line up to the max possible speed in the end.

Besides, the situation with a release of new firmware versions was vague.