We are dealing with a standard key layout and each of those keys can be illuminated with variable brightness. The Saitek Eclipse II in red, with gobs of sidelight. The low profile keys on the Tarantula have the quickness of the best laptop keyboards, where the Eclipse II’s have a swimmier feeling. While I think that omitting the Logitech backlit keyboards from the review is a rather large oversight, I do not think that the G15 is God’s gift to the gamer. The Eclipse II has many pros going for it.

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Saitek Eclipse II Illuminated Keyboard – Techgage

I much prefer the higher contrast of ecilpse Eclipse II with the black against the backlit keys. It was originally announced at E3 this year, and we’re only now getting some hands-on time with it. Media Center controls, man Saitek eclipse ii could go on and on!!!!

I have only had the Saitek eclipse ii keyboards for a saitek eclipse ii or so – too new. There is all the typical marketing information one could ever need and it really stands out. Model M or death for me. On my G15, I found that prolonged use has caused the black masking to i off, leaving large “blue” keys that have no recognisable markings left.

Keyboards with Backlit Keys

There have been a few big names in the PC peripheral game for quite a while now. Most people won’t mind it, especially if you prefer to work in the dark Saitek claims that the submarine community is especially fond of the red light option.

Saitek eclipse ii on you for not including the Saitek eclipse ii You have the option to illuminate your keys with purple, red or blue lighting, This is ideal for those late night gaming benders that we all have gone on in the past and most certainly in the future.


Logitech recently redesigned the G15 — in a bad way, IMO. My Saitek I has been in nearly constant use for nearly two years, I pound a lot as I saitek eclipse ii touch type and there are very few scratches on the silver. Its no-driver setup means that you can simply plug it in and go, its full backlighting lets you type with the lights off, and the different color options red, blue, purple, or “off” let you make the Eclipse II your own.

They had something wrong with the paint, it’s fixed now. saitek eclipse ii

Logitech’s smooth-tracking, comfy mouse keeps carpal tunnel at arm’s length. I have a Logitech G15 k’board, it has only blue colour available. The Eclipse II has many pros going for it. And nothing screams romance like a LAN party can. It should also saitek eclipse ii mentioned that you do not need to have to backlighting on at all.

To be fair, you have to pay extra for the Tarantula. Saitek eclipse ii key paint came off on my G15, Logitech sent me a new one no charge!

I prefer the L shaped enter key, but this one is the standard elongated style. The Eclipse II has none of those amenities. Like the Merc, the keyboard is built in layers.

Gone are the three sets of 6 programmable G keys and in their place are a total of 6 three pairs of 2 — vertically stacked at that!! Plus being the aforemention IT geek, I’m so used to having the pipe and backslash sitting above the enter key as I use them often while writing code. Ergonomically, you’re better off typing with your keyboard lying completely flat on your desk, but if you must prop it up, Saitek added two different feet saitek eclipse ii the underside of the Eclipse Siatek, giving you a couple of saitek eclipse ii for typing at an angle.


I agree I have the logitech G15 and I wouldnt trade it for anything in the world.

Saitek Eclipse II Keyboard – Keyboards with Backlit Keys

There you can see the colors are bright and the keys are relatively visible. Only the space bar came off, and that was easy to snap back on, once I saitek eclipse ii a collapsible bar common to most keyboard large keys. The Eclipse II delivers. For all of its useful features, our biggest problems with the Eclipse II lie in the parts that should be the most refined: Deck keyboards have great, high contrast backlighting with no seepage between keys.

Deck also encourages keyboard modding. I was looking for keyboards for use by my blind saitek eclipse ii, not necessarily for the purpose of gaming.

When it comes to cars, it usually looks terrible unless it is done correctly and the same applies for keyboards and cases.