LoopJunkie Max Output Level: For Windows 98 S If everything else seems to be correct on your audio device settings and you are not hearing anything you can give this option a try. Industry Focus Interviews Blog. Make sure you select ASIO as your driver mode. FreeZ Online TV Related Search realtek ac97 audio equalizer realtek alc ac97 audio realtek audio ac97 soundman realtek ac97 audio driver vista win7 pg realtek ac97 rtl realtek ac97 asio m2a mvp realtek ac97 realtek ac97 driver update realtek ac97 sound recorder realtek high definition audio audio level meter realtek audio ac97 audio realtek ac97 realtek ac97 audio 5.

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Actually, had I been able to demo the rig kontrol I would have definitely bought it over anything else.

User Control Panel Log out. I might try and return the lexicon tomorrow and see if I can get the kontrol. Here are some of the things I did to get it to work.

Unlock it, reprofile the card, and try again. He said he doesn’t use it live, just for recording purposes. The Dutch Mountains Status: Do you have the proper input selected?


No, create an account now. This version is compatable with Unix and Linux. Switches – Try the 4 possible combinations of the ‘ Always resample You’re trying to open Sonar with a default setting that the card can’t handle.

When you get that sort of theing in the wave profiler it usually means that you have the sample rate locked on the soundcards control panel.

Try all Output menu options if you are not sure. aeio

Why is OUT unavailable? I wish I would have bought the whole rig kontrol now.: They will not select.

ASIO outputs

They probably won’t take it back though. View More Photo Galleries. I noticed it always did that, that’s why it’s a good idea to disable the soundcard in Bios-but realgek depends on those settings in the Audio tab, and the Windows audio mixer.

Beyond Logic – Similar to ‘unavailable’, if the control panel of your card provides the option to lock the sample rate, deselect it. I have recorded from my Phonic mixer many times with other recording software without problems. Make sure you select ASIO as your driver mode.

System Settings – Audio (ASIO4ALL)

Today I at least have sound comming out of the speakers but the input level meter in guitar rig is not showing any movement. This version is compatible with Windows Vista only. If you haven’t got it already you can get it here.


Many many thanks Herr Tippach for one very kick ass driver! I am compelled to ask DumbolinoApr 4, It makes all the difference in the world raeltek once you get it set right u can just leave it alone.

Onboard Realtek ASIO Problem – TechSpot Forums

I managed to get the AC97 working so you can ignore the last post. Thanks for any help. DriverXP For Realtek 2. And had I been able to demo this at the store it would have been a no brainer. Instead I ended up guessing what I should do and bought one of those lexicon alphas since the guy behind the counter said he had that unit and also had the guitar rig kontrol pedal plus it’s cheaper.