Results 1 to 7 of 7. A lot of keyboards have followed the original Logitech G15 style design of putting them on the left of the main keyboard. For all the horribleness that is Apple and OSX – their keyboards are really excellent. When connecting AV components, electrical noise can be introduced — a result of the connections between them and also from other sources of external noise. The search for the perfect keyboard I could never agree more. It’s been two months since I started looking for a similar keyboard of your description which is still quite affordable but yet nothing.

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In order to support the heavy heat sinks and other components, a left-right independent construction strengthened by a rigid-frame structure is utilized.

Memorex MX3300 32021431 Wired Keyboard

The MX-A employs a double bottom construction consisting of vibration control plates made of 1. Dell 21″ ips something.

It’s also pretty cheap so what’s the problem? Kebyoard Thread to del. This is also my favourite type of switch since it’s so quiet and feels very responsive to me with such a light touch required to press them.

Memorex Mx Keyboard Driver Download

The colors and finishes shown may vary from those on the actual products. It’s been two months since I started looking for a similar keyboard of your description which is still quite affordable but yet nothing.

Scissor switch keyboards are another type of rubber dome keys. MX, multimedia, windows, rec enter KeySkin Typing Tutor Memorex KeySkin Typing Tutors hide the keys of your keyboard while protecting against dust, spills, and germs to help you learn the keys and layout of your keyboard.


I am a heavy gamer, programmer and and occasionally I write long boring forum posts so I want to have a really decent keyboard. It’s worth a look at though, it might be a bit pricey for you.

They make a small amount of noise in use but nowhere near as much as a mechanical. Perhaps I am too fussy but I just can’t find any keyboard that really fits my particular style. The Corsair K40 recently reviewed here does this perfectly for me, having just one column of macro keys there does not make the keyboard much larger but gives it some useful extra functionality – a nice compromise I feel.

As part of its uncompromising design, the MX-A boasts a specially designed chassis to maximize rigidity and eliminate the effects of vibration. This is to reduce electrical or any external noise. I’m not a big fan of big flashy gamer designs with red stripes and multi-coloured lighting. A direct effect of this engineering is a minimized energy loss and quality reproduction of sound sources.

They have a very short bottoming distance and require a very small amount of force to press and are the quietest type of keys to use, almost silent in operation.

If anyone has suggestions I’m very open to hearing them otherwise the search continues Unfortunately I don’t have experience with this switch type as they are prohibitively expensive and not readily available at least here in the UK. They are called scissors because the plastic mechanism under the key has a pivoted design.


I’ve used many, many models over the years but none I could say I really loved and that kinda annoys me slightly with all the thousands of options out there. There a many options to choose from out there with varying features and price tags. It’s so loud when typing but very durable and I shall continue searching keyboarf a new keyboard. As much as this keyboard seems to almost fit the bill I need it to be reliable too.

So at the end of my search I’m left with nothing. The search for the perfect keyboard Like most folks I’m guessing here I spend a ton of time each week on a PC so I feel it’s a good idea to find the perfect input keybard.

For all the horribleness that is Apple and OSX – their keyboards are really excellent. It’s K series keyboards are all rather nice. Ironically Corsair’s only tenkeyless board the K65 does away with the volume wheel, the macro keys AND the backlighting. Cherry Mechanical switches are preferred by many tech-savvy people as durable, precise and reliable. Precision molded from flexible, durable polyurethane material. Tactile “feel” no loss of touch on the keyboard.

The chunky space bar is satisfying too. So where does that leave me?