In this book, the bays are referred to as bay 1,. If you contact them for the manual they will tell you they cannot give you a copy because they are bound by privacy issues. Engineering Change management – Occasionally, there might be changes that are required after a product has been sold. We’d have a better sense of security, however, if the standard warranty lasted longer than one year. Your computer has extra power connectors for additional drives. I bought mine from Maplin’s UK but there are better options at Amazon. The orange drive buttons are less buttoned-down and give the system a cartoony touch–an odd choice for a machine aimed at business users.

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Lenovo 3000 J Series AMD Athlon X2 Dual Core 2.0ghz 2gb RAM 160gb HD Computer

The small form factor Mac Mini costs less than ever, but isn’t as flexible as other Macs. User Password v Administrator Password You do not have to set any passwords to use your computer.

In addition, many mobile products, such as notebook lennovo, utilize a rechargeable battery pack to provide system power when in portable mode.

Specifications, Tools Required, Handling Static-sensitive Devices Specifications This section lists the physical specifications for your computer. Reverse engineering or disassembly is prohibited.

If you cannot correct the problem, have the computer serviced.

Lenovo 3000 J Series User Manual

Microprocessor and heat sink Memory modules PCI Express x1 sreies connector some models PCI Express x16 graphics adapter connector some models Identifying parts on the system board The system board sometimes called the planar or motherboard is the main circuit board in your computer. Connect any additional devices that you have.


Lemovo all h8u hhu j4u j5u au gu u Mother board for J series. Your computer has four expansion connectors. For more information about lost or forgotten passwords, go to the Lenovo Care To deskfop a forgotten password: The appeal for business buyers comes in large part from the Lenovo Care suite of system tools. Check the surface on which you are using the mouse.

Locating the connectors on the front of your computer The following illustration lenovo desktop 3000 j series the locations of the connectors on the front lenovo desktop 3000 j series the computer.

Lenovo J review: Lenovo J – CNET

The following table describes some of the drives you can install in each bay and their height requirements. Page 56 Page 57 – Lenovo Modem Safety Information, Laser Compliance Statement Do not use the telephone to report a gas leak in the vicinity of the leak.

Installing A Drive Installing a drive To install an internal drive, follow these steps: If the voltage supply range in your local country or region is lenovo desktop 3000 j series V ac, set the switch to V.

Page 90 User Guide Connect the speakers to the computer. Replacing The Cover And Connecting The Cables Replacing the cover and connecting the cables After working with options, you need to install any removed parts, replace the cover, and reconnect any cables, including telephone lines and power cords.

Lenovo computer hardware – motherboard user lenovo desktop 3000 j series 82 pages. If the rollers are dirty, clean them by using a cotton swab soaked in isopropyl rubbing alcohol.


Online Books folder Lenovo Care. Look for a build up of dirt on the plastic rollers 3 inside the ball cage. Locating the connectors on the rear of your computer.

Padlock loop Your computer is equipped with a padlock loop that locks the cover to your computer when a padlock is installed. Service availability and service name might vary by country or region.

Also, depending on the option that is installed, you might need to confirm the updated information in the Setup Utility program.

However, lennovo you decide to set any passwords, read the following sections.


Page 64 User Guide The operating systems listed here are being certified or tested for compatibility at the time this publication goes to press. I more or less managed to get most of them correctly and get the PC going again faster even except I ended up with mono sound only.

Lenovo J review: Because the Rescue and Recovery workspace operates independently from the Windows operating system, you can restore the factory contents even if you cannot start the Windows operating system.