That’s much faster than SATA. The time now is You might have to update the drivers, but they are on the IBM website. Sound editing I am completely in the dark. Any software suggestion would be appreciated. Is this the normal temp for the chips? Everything I did for them was IDE.

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Are the IBM spec’s wrong?? I would really like an equalizer better than what Media Player offers and I am not sure if the Asus sound control comes with player SW.

In fact, I’ve tried SpeedFan, CoreTemp, and a few other more obsure monitoring programs and none work on these machines I’ve tried on both of my ‘s.

The drivers were included in the OS. Any software intellistation z pro 6223 would be appreciated. Planning on WinXP Pro, bit 1. I’ve been able to play back inteolistation kind of media I’ve encountered with one of these four. The is a dual Xeon 3. I do not have a clue intellistation to reload the bios should it not be correct or how to change it.


I would also like to enhance the tone on the older music without manually dissecting each song. I am not current on PC development what so ever but I can catch up very quickly. Eight years back I owned a manufacturing automation engineering business in Boulder and use to develop a lot of motion control stuff supporting semiconductor and PC peripheral manufacturing.

We developed everything up intellistation z pro 6223 the actual code they used to intellistation z pro 6223 the drive, which they retained as IP. That’s much faster than SATA.

All times are GMT Brand new seagate barracuda 2tb It did not come with a HDD. Much more full featured without buying additional plug-ins than Sony Sound Forge.

Superwarehouse – IBM IntelliStation Z Pro , IBM U

Everything you need ibtellistation be found here: Buy the way, Ubuntu had all the drivers for both systems. The time now is For audio editing, there are a couple of intellistation z pro 6223 that I’ve used successfully. Laptop won’t charge while playing Any help given will be greatly appreciated.


I even installed an exhaust fan in the rear of the box. You may want to consider this as well.

IBM IntelliStation – Wikipedia

If you are using a Windows operating system, consider these: It will be a great machine. If you hit F1 at boot and go into set-up, there is a place where it reports CPU temperature.

I am updating the system to be PC based for both music and watching movies. Current Temperatures Take II.

IBM IntelliStation Z Pro 6223

You made my day clearing up detail Intellistation z pro 6223 needed to know all in the first paragraph. But inhellistation seems to work. Can get 15k RPM and real transfer rates of Mbps. Did need to install ethernet drivers to get that to work.