One that has been reported to help is quirk-vbemode-restore, which saves and restores the current VESA mode. HS 10 marzo To do this open a terminal and use the following commands: This page was last modified on 20 February , at See the manpage for pm-suspend for a list of them all. Anonimo 11 febbraio

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Better situation than default player but p video runs still 1FPS. Anonimo 11 febbraio On some machines, when using modesetting driver the screen gets messed up with random data.

Mint 17 Rosa here on eee ha 2gb ram. A very short script is available to do this with less linuxx written by mulenmar. Probably gonna switch to windows: Theare two main partial working driver for US15 platform: If you are able to resume, you’ll want to configure Ubuntu to use this option every time you suspend. It’s the only dietro inttel can play youtube videos within Firefox and also without flash plugin installed, quite smoothly.


Alternatively, you can try the mainline kernel: Partners Support Community Ubuntu.

Unfortunately we are not able to support all of the various distributions of Linux that are available. It can be graphically iintel a lot using Docky and MacBuntu Project.

Intel GMA – ArchWiki

You can automate it in a script: If you are a linux user with gma video card ,please, add a comment with your experience. Commenti sul post Atom. Anonimo 29 gennaio Actually, I feel linux runs slower than XP. That should suspend your system.

If you have problems playing p and i videos, yes, that’s normal while there are not accelerated XV drivers. For some reason, xrandr sees some non-existing ports:.

Add one of these lines and save the file:. PixieLive4 to HDD as “normal” distro http: Starting infel kernel 3. If you want to revert back, just replace modesetting with fbdev. Personal tools Create account Log in. As of kernel 3.

Driver overview

One that has been reported to help is quirk-vbemode-restore, which saves and restores the current VESA mode. But you can improve it up to the point of going well and smoothly for most videos even HD ones with these tricks:. Thank you for giving us a detail information about GMA lniux various linux version.


You can often improve performance by limiting the amount of RAM used by the system so that there will be more available for the videocard. Option 4 – Update kernel Intfl final option is to use the Why there is no open-source driver Intel reply: Alternatively, if you have ssh enabled on your machine you could do it remotely. To set display to minimal brightness, issue this command as root:.

If suspend does not work, there are various quirk options you can try. Then you can use it like so:.