Wi-Fi just plain sucks on the X1. For all you winmo haters. VGA x , portrait mode with support for landscape mode. Posting Quick Reply – Please Wait. Instead of the numbers being at the top row of the device they are placed in a standard number pad format over the keys. From there, select the Media Net connection and hit connect. There aren’t many other salient differences between the units beyond carrier software customizations.

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On other Touch Diamond and Touch Pro models, the d-pad center ring pulses white when the phone is charging. I’m online using the “internet sharing” connection now in Florida cleaning up after a flood Yes, I need to get back to work. Odd keyboard layout jtc keys are low-travel.

Modem/dial-up not working using ATT Fuze and Energy 2.0 ROM

If you want to man up and get your hands dirty with customizing the X1 and making it suit your needs better, more power to you. So simple sites like myspace are half loaded on the device. This photo shows the right side of the keyboard. After pairing the bluetooth duze both Fuze and laptop: This starts with a VGA touchscreen that sits flush with the case.

I was able to tether via USB was doing nothing jodem from last night when i was unable to internet share via USB, however I noticed when shutting down that BT stack crashed ; internet sharing app came up automatically once I selected internet sharing right after hooking up the cable to my laptop, and MediaNet was there by default I guess it’s all cooked into the ROM; did not have to delete any registry keys; kudos to NRGZ Instead of modemm numbers being at the top row of the device they are placed in a standard number pad format over the keys.


You can plug in a 3.

Image Gallery: Sprint Touch Pro and AT&T Fuze Windows Mobile devices

Works with Sprint Navigation and other mapping and navigation applications. The only thing the iphone wins?? More bloatware on the HTC Fuze. See how these HTC device stack up. And does it vary depending on where exactly you are? Well, not so fast. The Fuze has so many features, it encourages you to use it all the time.

Modem/dial-up not working using ATT Fuze and… | HTC Raphael: Touch Pro, Fuze

The backs of the two Touch Pro variants are quite a bit different. Click on the Today icon, then select the “items” tab near the bottom. But we’ll take finger-friendly, attractive and fun over a ntc speed boost. Samsung Galaxy Note II software is as big as the hardware gallery.

For a longer typing engagement, just slide out the keyboard. We were impressed with the phone’s voice quality with a relatively poor signal db and heard less digital garbling compared to other Verizon phones in poor coverage areas.


You need this cable to use standard headsets. This allows you to perform many common tasks, like launching frequently-used applications, by talking to your device. I actually use the touch diamond and love it. OK, I have had this phone for a month and this week I finally got to play. The keys have nice feedback and spacing.

It can be use like a modem to connect your laptop anywhere you are with 3g. As I said before, the Fuze is a version of the HTC Touch Pro, and HTC created a user tuze for this model that makes it easy for you to perform many tasks by touching your fingers to the screen, without having to pull out the stylus. Battery life isn’t tops. It is nice to see the Ctrl button on htv keyboard. TouchFlo is a pretty good interface for day to day stuff.

I placed my 16GB microSD card in the slot that is found under the battery cover.

Most applications look great in this resolution, and hey, even Skyfire works!