Why it does it, I have no idea. Make a new Folder on your Desktop and Call it Most Liked Negative Review. My problem is solved 1 year ago following Jodi instructions. Create a new topic About this Question 4.

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It’s sad, because I love M-Audio’s stuff, usually there stuff is always great. You’ll need to enable Javascript and cookies to participate. I record with acoustica mixcraft and it is the easiest way to record. You used to be able to either add the service to firewire solo m-audio run location within the registry. When Fieewire got a new computer with a higher OS, I had to wait a while firewire solo m-audio M-Audio came out with an updated driver, but now we’re up and running.

Win7 users can’t use this soundcard.

Firewire solo m-audio it this driver that the link is firewire solo m-audio u used??? Rune Eskildsen January 09, I can never count on plugging it into my computer and it working right away. If you need more, you should be running a mixer into one of these anyways. But the control panel disappeared firewirw icon when I installed the drivers!

It’s got phantom power along with all the standard ins and outs.


M-Audio FireWire Solo Digital Audio Recording Interface

Also firewire solo m-audio decently priced. Please firewire solo m-audio me know if you have any questions. Folk Instrument Buying Guides. But no sound comes out.

Download the file posted by Dan R Technically the only reason a driver shouldn’t work is if it’s been badly written Good luck How does this make you feel? Technically the only reason a driver shouldn’t work is if it’s been badly written Good luck.

When doing tracking work, I have no complaints, other than sometimes it gets a little laggy, but saving the project and restarting garageband fixes that.

The Firewire Solo is great for just what is mentioned in its name, solo artists. I got my M-Audio FireWire Solo two months ago to start doing digital recording using GarageBand and have been generally pleased with its performance, though I agree the manual wasn’t helpful.

Pops and clicks do firewire solo m-audio exist as long as firewire solo m-audio configure sllo.

M-Audio FireWire Solo Digital Audio Recording Interface | eBay

First off, firewire solo m-audio me say that this item comes with the warning: Firewire solo m-audio never shut my computer down if I can help it. My Mac is updated to the latest from Apple. What happens is that I will connect it, everything will work perfectly for about 30 minutes or so, and then all of a sudden, the driver will just drop out and No sound.


I see an attempt by hardware manufacturers to try and cash in, I don’t know how different the driver models are for the OS’s but it wouldn’t surprise me if the process of supporting Windows 10 is nothing more than adding a few changes to the windows 8.

I don’t know–M-Audio fitewire wouldn’t respond to my questions.

Other than that, firewire solo m-audio has been perfect. Have one of you got a idea of how to fix this, and make the older interface use full? Community-powered support for M-Audio. On my firewire solo m-audio attempt to use the solo I got a lot of firewirf and cracking. Max September 12, Jonathan ‘Jaycee’ Corea June 03,