I’m curious to know about the CT though. I also found references of it being a card by Voicon or Audioexcel. As a sound blaster substitute its actually quite decent. Finally, there’s the CT which is a Value version. Overpowered onboard amp aside, I found this card to be very clean and the output is rich and clear. Download AV Driver Overview: I read on Vogons that the CT has a CD jack whose placement could interfere with attaching a daughterboard.

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I then switched it back to SBmidi and guess what, general midi worked!!! I think that the Rock16 might be a little more “natural” sounding but it does not matter, this Card beats ct290 Rock16 as an overall package.

The audio is just dirty, noisy, staticky, distorting, thin It will sometimes sound a little different than a real OPL3 but nothing really awful happened during the brief time I tried it. It also had some occasional weird sounds on the FM.

The grand opl3 comparison run

Home The Games The standardized recording method Sitemap. I did not even need to install a driver in DOS. This page was last modified on 2 Julyat I made some comparative recordings of that alone and it was not apparently a signification factor in c2t290 sound of the card.

Firstly, It has ct2290 of the best FM sound i have heard so far. It has very low background noise, a wide frequency spectrum with clear highs and fat lows. Alright guys, you like sound blaster cards?


It appeared cf2290 good compatibility wise, It worked well for every game i tried. On the downside the output is quite noisy and the signal quality is quite bad, lacks clarity, muddy and there is a rather obvious high cut when compared to my other cards. This card uses the Vibra16c Integrated chipset.

According to this Articlethe stereo FX can simulate stereo out of Mono sound blaster files. The only real downside I ct22900 see is the lack of daughterboard connector.

VOGONS • View topic – CT vs CT vs CT

When connected to my main sound system this card could generate some quality wall rumbling, I remember thinking how this was a badass card. Navigation Main page Recent changes Random page Help.

Overall I find this card to be a tc2290 choice for a retro rig: Did they make this card too? This card has a pretty good output signal however i experienced terrible noise issues with my card. I was unsure of the best approach as with the default volume i had to turn the Amp potentiometer almost to the minimum, which i felt ct22900 not a good thing.

Not by much really but there is something going on.

Creative Sound Blaster 16 CT2290 ISA Sound Card 1994

The card in the picture was bought on eBay and was listed as Voicon. Its rather large with a big socketed chip and has those ceramic caps with a lot of old fashioned resistors, really has that badass classic look of the earlier peripheral cards that somehow reminds me of some cyberpunk setting.


Had to install it in win 3. Since their original Pro Audio Spectrum was ct22900 compatible with the sound blaster digital audio standard they made this card to fill the void. The larger black one has been omitted just like on the CT It worked with the more anal games out there ct229 Comanche maximum overkill and provided a glitch free performance in everything I vt2290.

After looking it up it appears to be a Zoltrix Audio Plus V.

File:Creative Labs Sound Blaster 16 CT2290 Scan.jpg

Views Read View source View history. Noise level is low, no audible distortion and it packs alot of power in the bass section.

Just listen to TheDig, its pretty horrid.

The sound blaster Pro 2 is a well loved sound card, and for good reasons.