In such a case an external browser is needed to read the documentation a recommended activity Insults are not welcome. Last time I did this on a 64bit machine, I got the same results. Is it posible to find it for linux. You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2.

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Under XP this is very trivial as XP will let you take over the ownership, where as the Vista OS would not let to do until you identify your self as the administrator to gain ownership of that port, thu I could be wrong. Ok, I have added the code you win32drjver , and have added permissions to my java. It compiles, but when running the applet, I get an error: Often a library like JavaComm not only needs to be made known to the IDE as such, but also to each project that is supposed to use the library.

It is highly recommended win322driver follow the installation instructions word-for-word.

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Well com, in the documentation Sun states that not all JavaComm implementations support generating events of this type.

This often breaks things when one wants to use non-standard devices, like USB-to-serial converters. Double Clikc on the folder to open the jdk folder. See the RxTx installation instruction for details. I have installed everything exactly stated above. Unlike other callback interfaces in Java e. If so, how do I make this run first? I mean, download the comm.


I really have not done any work in java for a while now and I do not know where I placed my java projects on my machine.

java – ties not working for 64 bit windows – Stack Overflow

I think these drivers are only for 32bit systems. Unfortunately, Sun does not provide any real tutorial or some introductory text. Don’t tell someone to read the manual. A tutorial on applet parameters is here: If you do find the solution would you be so kind to post it here so that every one could learn from your help. However, in the typical Sun manner this mechanism is not without problems.

Converting program into an applet

Comm, RxTx has been adopted to provide the same interface as JavaComm, only that the package win32driveer don’t match Sun’s package names. Santhucool 12 Win32Driver while loading driver com. I have tried to follow the advice for converting to an applet in another thread http: Each directory in the classpath including the one in which comm. Like into the init?? Posted by Circuit Negma on February 7, Particularly, at the end of Sun silently withdrew JavaComm support for Windows.


Since this driver is no longer commm development there is not much to do about it. For the jdk Java Developnment Kit to recognize the serial ports on your machine, it is important to properly place these files in the right folders on your local machine:.

Download comm-2.0.jar : comm « c « Jar File Download

It is what exactly I was looking for and I did not find any exact solution in this clear way till I visited your post here. I am doing project in which i need to access serial port and read the data fromwrite data into it. Due to the lack of easy-to-use application and people’s difficulty in understanding the APIs programming model, the API is often bad-mouthed.

Installation Follow the installation instructions that come with the download. What Win32xriver you are using? This mechanism can be overridden by system properties.

Further, the reception of each event type needs to be requested individually.